An Injury
... and an Embarrassing Story.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

You may be wondering why, in the middle of an 105 degree summer day, I have chosen to post a (very, very cheesy) photo of myself dressed as a saucy Santa surrounded by snow.

Oh, okay. Twist my arm. (Well, not too hard, I'm hurting as it is.)

Once upon a time, in the winter of 2008, Seattle had the snow storm to end all snow storms. Well, at least for Seattle. Typically, we get a day or two of snow each year and it's very exciting. Then 2008 happened and we got a week of unrelenting snow. The city shut down, the buses stopped running and my mother couldn't make it to Christmas. I got so stir crazy that I started this blog just to keep from hanging myself with tinsel.

The photo above, however, was taken on the very first night of that long week. You know, when it was still new and wonderful. Never one to lose an opportunity for a photo shoot, my friend and I hauled her Christmas themed costumes out of the closet, filled our glasses with Frangelico and headed outside.

All was fine and well until - literally moments after this photo was taken - I tried to make it back up the stairs and into our house. I like to think it was the combination of ice and heels rather than Frangelico and clumsiness, but I turned my knee wrong and it basically popped out of place. I fell to the ground howling in pain and then uncontrollably giggling and then howling some more. I mean, what an embarrassing way to hurt yourself.

Long story short, the docs told me I had likely torn my meniscus. I was advised to get an MRI to determine whether or not I needed to have surgery. Well, I put it off because I didn't have health insurance at the time. Unfortunately, that time stretched out far longer than I would have liked. Most of the time, it has just been a nuisance. However, that was the Christmas I used a cane, so that's gotta be worth something.

Well, folks, all of my exercising of late has put extra stress on my knee and now I'm here. With this super sexy knee brace. If anybody asks, I'm definitely going to make up a far cooler reason why I hurt myself. Can you think of one?

Point of my story? Never take saucy Santa pics in the snow. Trust me on this one. ;)


  1. damn. at least you looked hot, but in all serious matter, i do hope it heels up quick! I hurt my back and never will take something as a nerve for granted! hang in there!

  2. That's a great photo though! it has to have *almost* been worth it...

  3. ha ha! i loved this story. i'm sorry to get pleasure out of your pain, but really it is funny!
    hope the knee gets better. ouch!

  4. oh no!!! your poor knee! that's a funny story despite the unfortunate stumble!

  5. What kind of a reason is cooler than "i was taking sexy Santa pictures"?

    no reason, that's what kind.

  6. I love the pic, missy! You are one smokin' Santa - and I hope that knee feels better soon!

  7. no bueno. cute pic though :)

  8. Interesting...I'll take that tip with me " do not take saucy santa pics in the snow" - gotcha. I injured my knee a month ago and all i was trying to do was color my toenails. But I was doing it all WRONG. I was kneeling down with feet flat on floor, coloring away..then i went to get up & heard a LOUD crack in my right knee. I went to walk & was literally limping. Anyway....needless to say the limping lasted almost 3 weeks. It's still not totally heeled and it sucked.

  9. ACK! you had to use a cane?!!?

    my left knee has been jacked up lately, and let's just say that working with weights and doing squats really doesn't help matters. :[

    i hope your knee is all better soon!

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