My One Year Anniversary...
with Las Vegas.

Monday, June 7, 2010

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Last week, I had my one year anniversary with my new city, Vegas.

And they said we wouldn't last.

To be perfectly honest, I wasn't sure we'd make it either, but - through good times and bad - we've been there for one another and I like to think that both Vegas and I have put a lot of work into this relationship.

After a year together, there is still no question (and I really mean that) I get asked more than, "So, what's it like to live in Las Vegas?" I always answer it with the same rehearsed response, "Well, it's a big change. I love the weather and all the city has to offer, but it's quite an adjustment." And you know what? That answer is as true today as the first time I uttered it.

It remains a big, big change, but more than anything, it's pretty damned surreal. On a trip here in 2006, I vowed to never return... and now I live here. And I actually love it. If that's not surreal, I don't know what is.

I'm going to Seattle tomorrow for a week with my family (and hopefully a little rain). When I asked my sister what the weather would be like, she said, "Well, yesterday was really nice. You could have worn your bikini and got a little tan." There was a long silence before I asked her, "Monica, what does that mean?" Her response? "Oh, it was like 67 degrees." I had to smile as I said, "Sis, it's 110 here today." How fast we change...

Since I moved to Sin City for love, I didn't necessarily have high expectations of my new home. Honestly, it was an afterthought. After a year, however, I can honestly tell you that I'm really, really happy here. My soul has been reborn in the sunlight and I still get as excited as a little girl to go hang out at one of my new love's best pools.

I don't know if you know this about me, but hotels and pools (and certainly hotel pools) are kind of my favorite thing on earth. How lucky am I that I get to live in a city that excels in the art of both? Throw in some amazing food, a generous (sometimes to a fault) supply of sunshine and the love of a sweet man and I am one happy Las Vegan.

So, to my love - Las Vegas - thank you for an amazing year. As hard as it's been (and we both know it has been), you've stuck by me and made me happier than I've ever been before. Cheers to us!


  1. Happy Vega-versary! From all of your posts, you seem to have found the perfect match.

    And you should come to Chicago so we can go hang out in hotel lounges - that's kind of my love, too:)

  2. YES!

    Happy, happy anniversary to you and your man city. Yes, I consider it a man city. What of it?

    Seriously, you rock my world for so many reasons. But the fact that you took such a giant leap of love makes me adore you that much more.


  3. WOW. A whole year...I remember I just stared reading your blog right before you moved. Crazy. Happy anniversary lady!

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  5. Congrats to you and Vegas! May you have many more years of happiness to come!

  6. happy one year!!! I am glad you made the leap... cause i don't know what i would do without you! i totally said the same thing when i would come visit vegas... and i never thought that i would live here (i think my exact words were "i don't know how pp live here, i NEVER would," and i am on year three). funny how you can never really imagine what the future has in store!