My Very Favorite Vegas Hotel.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

(At the Golden Nugget a year and a half ago.)

If you have read just a small town girl before, you know how much I heart the hotel, the Golden Nugget. You see, I am big - and I mean BIG - on hotels, motels and everything in between. You know how most people would rather stay home, in their own bed, than in a hotel? Not me. I am in love with slipping away for a night or two and getting away from everything in a new environment.

In Seattle (well, a cheesy suburb outside of Seattle), I had my home away from home, the Seatac Marriott. I have talked about this spectacular hotel on the blog before here. I am in love with this place so much that I would regularly take myself there - sometimes with friends and sometimes alone - just to get away, just to breathe and regroup. When I moved to Las Vegas, I was lost as to where I could go to find my happy place. In a city full of hotels, I wanted to know where mine was.

Well, folks, I have found it. The Golden Nugget is my Las Vegas happy place. It has been in the running for some time. I have had some of my favorite times in Vegas at this hotel. I have taken everyone I love there and many of my best friends have been forced to stay at the Nugget when they've been in town (not that they put up a fight, mind you). I even had my last birthday party there. I've stayed in the $39 rooms (which I adore) and the Rush Tower East End Jr Suite (which I want to move into asap). One of these days - hopefully very soon - I desperately want to stay in the Vegas Baby Suite.

My very favorite part of the Golden Nugget? No, not the amazing prices. Not the hip downtown location. One word. POOL. The only thing I take more seriously than hotels is pools. It's true. I could be a professional floater. It's what I do best. The Golden Nugget has the most amazing pool I've ever seen. (Sorry, Seatac Marriott. Your indoor pool located in that gorgeous atrium was fantastic, but the Golden Nugget has an aquarium - with sharks, thank you very much - in the middle of the pool. You can't compete with that and I don't expect you to.)

Don't believe me? The Golden Nugget recently made yet another top hotel pools list. This time they are the only US pool to make Trip Advisor's Top Ten Most Amazing Hotel Pools in the World list. How cool is that?

If after all this, I still haven't convinced you to stay at the Golden Nugget the next time you're in town, fine. I'd rather be able to get in any time I like anyway. Go stay on the strip, but know that I'll be lounging with the fish for the same price you just shelled out for two drinks.

A big thank you to the Golden Nugget for being my happy place.

(Last week at our happy place.)


  1. What a great set of pictures of you two! This hotel pool is officially on my list. Thanks!

  2. I'm coming to Vegas in October!! I've only started looking at prices, but I remembered you mentioning the Golden Nugget here and there, so I told Love that is where I wanted to stay... I MUST know more about the $39 rooms!
    I hope you don't mind, but I will probably be bugging you with questions/tips/hints about your city in the next few months. It's my first 'real' vacation to plan, and my first time in Sin City! :)

  3. I have never been there, but it sounds awesome.
    I love these pics of you and your honey.

  4. I am obsessed with hotels - and Vegas in particular! I can't believe I haven't made it to the Golden Nugget! My hubs and I got a suite at Mandalay last summer and loved it, but its time to branch out!

  5. Oh i just really really really want to come back to vegas. I am saving saving saving like a mad woman! Maybe when I visit we will be able to grab a coffee?! that would be delicious.

  6. well the golden nugget needs to comp your next ten visits, now don't they?

    i stayed there once years ago when i had to work the consumer electronics show. i never even made it to the pool! how sad! but then again it was january!

  7. Aww I love it! I totally agree with you. It's fun to escape reality for a night or two and have an adventure in a hotel. I usually couple my getaways with a nice dinner and some exploration of the local shops and bars.

  8. that's awesome! i was gonna ask you about hotel recommendations because i think i'm going to try to spend a couple days in vegas before my wedding. i'll probably hit you up for more recommendations and possibly even to be my party tour guide if you'll be around. :)