I Got All My Sisters and Me.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Let's keep this one quick. You see, I'm in a bit of a funk. Not a big one, but certainly and officially one nevertheless. I am marching through this transitional phase I've found myself in and am trying to break on through to the other side as quickly and as painlessly as I can. Oh, and on a pain related note (and this little update is primarily intended for my friends and family), it looks like my knee problems weren't just in my overly dramatic head. It looks like due to my very embarrassing and uncoordinated injury, I have some pretty serious ligament damage. I'll know if this means I need surgery or just rehabilitative therapy and a new fancy schmancy knee brace after my MRI on Monday.

Since I am currently back in school for the quarter (more on why here), I have some time on my hands and a little cheering up could come in handy right about now. Cue my very best friends. Danny and Carina. They are both coming to visit (separately, which is fantastic because it gives me more to look forward to!) in the next few weeks and I really can't tell you how excited I am.

Carina has been my closest friend and sister since the last day of kindergarten and Danny (also my sister, thank you very much) and I have been swapping Madonna Cd's since junior high. I still can't believe that in our tiny hometown in WA, I managed to meet two of the most interesting, funny, unique people in the world. These are the two people I want standing next to me at my wedding, my bridesmaids. These two people are my family.

So, to Danny and Carina, I can't wait to see you SOON! I know we will have so much fun. I love you. Xoxo!

{Proving - back in 1996 - that we all had the same orthodontist.}