The Life List: Plans, Goals and Dreams.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Today I've been thinking a lot about my life... The places I want to go, the things I want to accomplish, the people I want to love. Maybe it's because my recent setback made my dream job a few months from my grasp and left me in a bit of a transition. And we all know there's nothing quite like a transition to make you take a look at the road you're heading down. Although I like the road I'm currently traveling, I feel like pulling out my map and making sure the route I'm on is going to get me to the places I want to go and, more than that, going to make me the person I hope to be.

So, folks, I pulled out my trusty notepad and jotted down some of the hopes I have for my life. And while I assume this little list will always be changing, always remain a work in progress, these are the things I want for myself. In this moment, these are my dreams.

Let's start this list out with some things that can be accomplished in the next year-ish, shall we?
  • get licensed as a therapist
  • get a well paying job I LOVE
  • create more of a community for myself in Vegas
  • learn to cook more meals (I'm proud of the meals I can cook, but they are few.)
  • go on more picnics
  • get a bike and, ahem..., ride it
  • make enough money to fly my mom out to see me just because I miss her
  • read more books (I love my magazines and blogs, but they aren't - and shouldn't be - a substitute for great literature.)
  • take more walks
  • go camping (it's been over ten years since I've been camping and that was in Botswana with wild elephants outside the tent - one of the most amazing and unforgettable experiences of my life)
  • stay out dancing until 4am just a little more (not because I necessarily want to, but because I can... and that won't always be the case)
  • take more moments to realize how lovely this all really is... just as it is

I suppose some of the items on this next list can be accomplished in the next year or two as well, but - to me - this is the big stuff. This is the stuff of my dream life.

  • have a puppy named Johnny Cash or June Carter
  • go back to Namibia
  • visit at least one other country in Africa (I've been blessed enough to have already visited Namibia, South Africa and Botswana and these trips changed my life)
  • take my mother on an all expense paid beach vacation for A WEEK (making my mother relax for a full seven days will prove to be my life's most challenging goal, but I think I'm up for it)
  • volunteer - for at least seven days - abroad... at least once
  • get published
  • go on a trip to Greece with my family (this has been in the works for a while and one of these days, we'll make it happen)
  • learn to swim properly (Yes, this means going under the water without plugging my nose. It's hard to be taken seriously in the pool when you're plugging your nose, you know? I'm getting close to achieving this goal, but am not quite there yet)
  • start regularly practicing yoga (um, I think I'll wait until after my upcoming knee surgery for this one) and meditating daily
  • go to Bali
  • take my sisters on a fabulous weekend (I'm thinking Miami)
  • have a beautiful, meaningful, HAPPY wedding ceremony surrounded by family, friends and candles
  • have two children (whether through adoption or foster care or having my own biological children - or a variation... I just hope that the children that need me, find me.)
  • go to India (I know, so much of my list is travel related, but seeing the world is really important to me.)
  • have a lovely, modern, fun home
  • start my own charity
  • create a fantastic outdoor living space complete with lounge chairs, white lights dangling from the trees and hopefully a pool (... or a hot tub or at least a fish pond!)
  • volunteer at a hospital rocking babies (I have tried to do this several times, but someday, it's going to take.)
  • start my own private therapy practice, but see some clients at no cost
  • start my own super-secret business (sorry to be so vague, but - um - it's a secret!)
  • have a monthly game night/cocktail party at my house
  • write a book
  • live on the beach (again)
  • continue growing, changing and challenging myself to be the best and most happy version of myself I can be
There you have it. My blossoming life list. What's on yours? Do tell...


  1. I love your list, there's so much on your list that I also have on mine. I've been working on a list for about 2 years now and since moving to LA I've been able to cross so much off of it. Its such a great feeling.

  2. Sign me up for game night! :) Love this list so much...what I love the most is it's all things that WILL happen and dreams that will come true. The ones about your mom are really sweet. I want to do the same things for mine.

    Love the bug.

  3. love it! many of your items are on my list as well :) Did I ever tell you my son's name is Carter and if I had another I was going to name him Cash. :) I love Johnny and June.

  4. GREAT list, babe.

    I miss you, as always.

    Might be in Vegas next month for a friend's birthday. Staaay tuned!


  5. I love your list and this adorable blog! Hope you will follow mine for nyc stories of dining, dating and debauchery!


  6. This list reminds me why i love ya soo much! and I'm game for helping you check some of these off your list!!!

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