The One Where I Ask For Good Thoughts.
{On Tomorrow's Surgery & Being A Baby.}

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Before I start this little post of mine, I should tell you: I can't wait to stop talking about this.

So... Tomorrow is the big day. My knee surgery is scheduled for 7:00am and although there are far more pressing things to be concerned with in the world, I am asking for any extra good energy and spare positive thoughts you may have hidden under your couch cushions. Maybe you should go and check there now. Seriously, I'll wait...

Yes, I realize I'm being a baby and that people have surgery all the time, but I've accepted the fact that I'm scared. I don't want to drift off onto a Michael Jackson-esque sleep never to wake up, but that's the little girl in me talking. The adult Kathleen realizes that if Heidi Montag can make it through ten (hideous and unnecessary) cosmetic procedures in one day, I can probably handle a little knee surgery. Nonetheless, any good thoughts would be MUCH appreciated.

However, try not to worry too much, folks. I plan on having my trusty good luck charm with me during surgery. His name is Dude and he is the stuffed lamb I've had since I was one. (I named him after a dog who I later learned was named Duke.) He got me through my first and only other surgery - tonsillectomy in the third grade - and, well, if it aint broke...

So, tomorrow at 7am, Dude and I will be ready for our operation. Hopefully, I'll have my own Glee inspired Britney Spears anesthesia dreams... Thank you so much for all the support you've already been sending and look forward to some loopy pain pill induced blog posts next week. :)


  1. good luck kathleen!
    sending good thoughts your way.

  2. I hope Huey Lewis is in your anesthesia fog. Seriously though, don't feel bad for being nervous or scared! It's a scary thing no matter what. I know you'll be just fine and I'm definitely gonna be thinking of you!

  3. if I can't be with you then I'm sure glad that Dude will be.

    I'm sending many wonderful thoughts for you, and everything will be fine and I'm sooo looking forward to loopy pain pill posts..I'm already laughing and you haven't even started writing yet.. Muahhhh

  4. Awww thinking of you this morning Kathleen. I hope you have a swift recovery and a relaxing weekend.

  5. I hope you're healing and happily spaced out on the good stuff right now!

  6. I hope the surgery was a success and you're on the mend lady!

  7. oh i hope everything went well for you and dude! and i hope you are recovering well so far. hugs!!