I Heart Pop Culture Tuesdays.
{Jen Aniston's Zen Fabulous Home.}

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hello, friends. Welcome to a lonnng overdue edition of just a small town girl's I Heart Pop Culture Tuesdays! Let's be honest, things have been a little heavy here lately. Surgeries and disappointments and politics. I think it's high time I sprinkle my little corner of the blogosphere with some pop culture pixie dust... If you've read my blog before (um, ever) you know how much I love Jennifer Aniston. What you might not know is that I sort of unofficially use her as my role model for taking what life hands you with a big ol' smile and a great big heart. Cheesy? When it comes to Jen (yeah, I call her Jen around these parts), this small town girl likes to keep it over the top. Forgive me.

This particular post isn't about how I will never understand why her latest movie got such bad reviews. Honestly, I loved The Switch and, as much as I love JA, I don't always like her movies. (Ooh, except The Good Girl. I adore that movie and think her performance is just brilliant.) No, no, no, this post is dedicated to her Zen fabulous living space.

I knew that Ms. Aniston's home was featured earlier this year in Architectural Digest, but hadn't yet seen the issue or the photos. Well, friends, when you fracture your kneecap and have subsequent surgery, you find yourself with some new found downtime. Oh, geez, and am I ever glad I did. The moment I laid my eyes on these photos, I fell madly in love with the Balinese, retro vibe to her house.

I am absolutely dying over her bedroom, especially the silk and wool shag carpet. My version of heaven will be carpeted in just this. You know, if heaven has carpet.

I am an absolute nut for all things water - maybe it's the Pisces in me. Really, ask my boyfriend. If it was possible to be a professional floater, that would be my job. The fact that this home has an entryway over a koi pond just captures my heart. Oh, and the soaking tub off her master bedroom? Stop, Jen, you're killing me.

My favorite thing about this house is that it is just perfect for entertaining loved ones. One of my very, very favorite things in this world is to host parties in my home. My current residence doesn't exactly afford me this little luxury for several reasons - especially the crazy bird lady on the other side of the wall - but I can't wait to revisit this passion of mine. In this article, Jennifer talked about her love of entertaining and how she chose this house, in part, because of that.

Best part of this swoon worthy article? Jennifer described her house as "vibrating with the love that created it." I can't think of a better way to feel about your home. It makes me happy just to think about a home vibrating with love.

I hope, whatever your house looks like on the outside, it is filled with love on the inside. Happy Tuesday! Xoxo!


  1. wow, that's gorgeous! i can't imagine what life would be like getting to LIVE in a place like that all the time. ...i say as i look around my 500 sq ft apartment full of ikea furniture. maybe someday when i invent the next apple i-gadget, or when a famous movie producer discovers me and my unknown oscar talent? right...

  2. Oh, I know, girl. The condo I live in with my boyfriend is covered in green shag carpet. Ughs.

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