I Hate Shoes.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Here's the thing: I hate shoes.

Sure, I love a pretty piece of eye candy on my feet as much as the next gal, but let's just keep it real here. I loathe the feeling of them - they're just way too confining. Since I was a little girl, I have always preferred the company of slippers. If you need proof, just take a look at the photo of me as a two year old above. (The memory of that carpet still makes me giggle.)

I have more slippers than most people probably have shoes. I take them with me to work and hide out in them under my desk. I always (and I mean always) travel with them and wear them on the plane. I wore them to Thanksgiving this year and last year for Christmas, I bought Jenner's mother and I matching pairs. Honestly, I'm wearing them right now.

My physical therapist cringed when I recently told her my foot apparel of choice because of their lack of support. So, for the sake of my very flat feet, I'm going to try to kick this dirty little habit of mine. Let's be honest, though, I really don't see it happening. (C'mon, it's like walking on a cloud!). Just please don't tell my physical therapist.


  1. i hate shoes too! they are SUCH a pain in the ass (well, in the foot actually). they always hurt, and they make my feet feel claustrophobic. and i have a really high arch that never gets appropriate support because most shoes are too flat for them.

    plus, i've never really been that into finding cute shoes. i'd rather buy skirts or cardigans and wear my favorite pair over and over again.

    long live the slipper!

  2. i'm an avid supporter of moccisans. you should invest in some. unless they don't count as shoe either...
    anyway, i wear mine EVERYWHERE and i usually wont take them off unless i'm headed to bed. they are just too comfy and warm.

  3. I would never, EVER be able to give up wearing slippers. I will gladly forego all sorts of support issues just so I could keep slippers as my footwear of choice!

  4. IT'S LIKE WALKING ON A CLOUD! ahahahahaha I love you even if you hate shoes...and I'm wearing slippers right now :)

    Love the bug and that picture is adorable.

  5. My physiotherapist got mad at me for wearing high heels so I guess you can't really win unless you're wearing orthopedic, arch-support, ankle supporting granny shoes. I'd stick with the slippers.

  6. aw, such an adorable photo of you! i hate shoes too. we don't allow them in the house, so i practically live in my slippers. and when i was a country gal growing up in a one-street town in TN i ran around barefoot. when i watch tv, i just can't get over how all the female detectives and spies are always running in crazy high heels. please! i can barely walk in anything above 2 inches.

  7. OH BTW you left a pair of slippers at my house :D lol