In the Zen.

Friday, November 5, 2010

I am currently taken with this new company, In the Zen.

In the Zen is an eco-friendly clothing and accessory line that embodies the mindset of well-being. Their shirts are fantastic (and - because I know you want to know - are really flattering) and I just started carrying around the In the Zen tote and am completely smitten. You see, the owner is a friend of mine (I take care of her adorable daughter) and when she told me about In the Zen, I was blown away by this great idea and really wanted to get behind it and help spread the word.

We've all been "In the Zone" but I love the idea of being "In the Zen." Here's what this means to Lauren, in her words:

"Ever heard of the popular phrase – In the Zone? For me, these three simple words exude determination, focus, and overall 'on-purpose' energy. I love being In the Zone. I thrive on the sense of excitement when working towards a challenging goal. It’s a mindset that I’ve carried with me for most of my life.

A year ago, something happened that caused a subtle, yet profound paradigm shift and led me to adjust my mindset. I still carry the same level of determination & focus as before – but now, I approach life and all of its blessings and challenges with a new, refreshing mindset – it’s simple – it’s
In the Zen™.

It was a hot July evening in Las Vegas, and I was swimming laps – determined to boost my heart rate, burn calories, and tone my body – all within thirty minutes. I was in the zone. Then, in mid-stroke, I noticed a dragonfly perched on a single bare branch of a Mesquite tree close by. He was as majestic as an eagle and the beauty of the scene humbled me. He appeared to be soaking in every minute of the fresh summer breeze and warm sunlight. It was that moment, when I paused to witness the splendor of my surroundings, when I connected all the sights, emotions, and energies, that I realized – I am
In the Zen™. I returned to my rigorous cardio workout. The determination and focus were still with me, but now I also had harmony. Each stroke was effortless. I was present. Joyous. The splashes of pool water, the scent of freshly mowed grass, the melodious chirping of sparrows, the wonderful soreness in my limbs as I completed one stroke after another; I was relishing every moment. I thought to myself: this is how I wanted to experience life from here on… In the Zen™.

I still describe myself as determined, focused, and on-purpose... I'm just more balanced, harmonious, and simply put -
In the Zen™.

Don't you just love it? I know I do. This message really resonates with me. I hope you'll check out their website and products and join the In the Zen movement!


  1. You always have the best posts. I'm going to check out their webpage.... Now

  2. Ohhh love this!! As you know buggie boo I'm trying to get more in the ZEN myself! Have to check them out!

  3. wow, that's really beautiful! it's people like this who inspire me to rethink my life. in a good way, of course. thanks for sharing!

  4. What a beautiful message. Zen is always my goal!

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