Love on the Ferris Wheel.

Monday, November 1, 2010

I sat down this evening intending to post photos of my very fun Halloween weekend. However, I realized a few photos in that there were just far too many to choose from. (I'll gather the energy for that post tomorrow, folks.) So, instead, I'll share photos from last night at the carnival.

About a week ago, I told Jenner I really wanted to go to the carnival on Halloween night and like the sweet boy he is, he obliged. You see, in the very, very small town I grew up in, we didn't really have carnivals other than on Halloween night. I still smile remembering going to our Halloween carnival with my dad. He loved the cake walk and I loved going with him.

Now, to be perfectly frank, Jenner and I were being snippy with each other in the moments leading up to our ride on the ferris wheel. We were both tired from our busy weekend and we weren't even sure they would let me on the ride with my knee brace. We both just wanted to go home and relax, but this was really important to me.

And then, in the moments following me dropping my purse and all my belonging, we sat down and the sun began to set. It was just one of those perfect spaces of time. A beautiful sunset, a gorgeous night, memories of a little girl and her father, true love. These are the moments. Right here.


  1. Loving the Minnie ears! And you. (Okay, okay...Jenner too.)

  2. I love you two!! You're both so cute.
    A vegas trip soon. Probably winter break

  3. these pics are so precious! how perfect to be up on the ferris wheel at sunset!!! :)
    by the way, if i ever come to vegas, would you want to hang out or grab dinner?!