An Update From This Small Town.
{Heartache, surgery & much needed sleep.}

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Hello, friends.

I've stepped away from the blogosphere for a quick minute or two recently and only wanted to pop back in to assure my loved ones in other states that I am, indeed, alive. Like all of our lives sometimes get, mine has been a rollercoaster these last few weeks. However, through it all, I have learned that I am stronger than I knew and loved more than I could have dreamed. After a much needed trip to WA to visit with my mom, snuggle with my nephews, laugh with my best friend and sisters, nap with my dogs, walk on the beach and play tour guide to my boyfriend, I returned to Vegas only to be followed by a stomach flu that took down an entire family thanks to a very charming three year old. That stomach flu was then followed by a week long flu of the regular variety and news that I need yet another surgery.

So... I am having ankle surgery on, ... wait for it, this Friday. Turns out, my previous knee injury affected far more than just my knee and I have one more surgery before I am well on the road to recovery. And recovery, my friends, is just what I need. Honestly, when my doc informed me that he needed to operate again, I laughed. I laughed and then I cried because life, like shit, just happens and you can either buckle up and take the ride or feel sorry for yourself. I choose the former.

And, honestly, I have the sneaking suspicion the universe is asking me to just let go for a little while. A few weeks ago, when I was working the graveyard shift and absolutely exhausted every minute of my week, all I could do was dream of sleep. Luckily, I found out yesterday that everything is lined up for my license to practice therapy to FINALLY go through in six weeks. Knowing that, as of this Friday, I will literally have weeks to do nothing but sleep and read, breathe and heal. I think, perhaps, this is just the time I need.

Although I'm not nearly as afraid I will die as last time, I would still appreciate any good thoughts you can muster on Friday going into surgery. The boyfriend and I will be holing up for a good few days over at his family's house. I am looking forward to days of catching up on television and hanging with his mom and Russy. Then my amazing sister (the one who took me to the Hilton after my last surgery) is flying into town for a little post-surgery, pre-birthday fun at this hip boutique hotel I've been dying to stay at. Talk about a stylish recovery. I can't wait.

I hope this finds all of you exceptionally well. I can't wait to someday very soon catch up on all of your lovely blogs. Much, much love to you.

{* The photo above is from my trip home with Jenner. This was just one of so many amazing moments. I'll be sure to post more on that next week. Hope to see you back here soon!}


  1. Max and I think you should just cut off the bad part of your leg and replace it with a super robotic appendage that allows you to fly and defeat super villans.

  2. Sending good thoughts and love your way! and i'll be in to check on you, and you know you can always come stay with me!!!!

  3. Heart you, girl! I hope your recovery is smooth and painless! Thinking of you!