Missing Seattle.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

As you know, I am from Washington. Born and raised, through and through. For the first 18 years of my life, I grew up in a (very, very) small WA beach town, then spent a few years in Olympia going to school and lived out the bulk of my twenties in my beloved Seattle. I love everything about this city except for the lack of sunshine and going home, even to the rain, makes me happier than almost anything else. My last trip home was in February, but life has been pretty crazy since I returned (funny how recovering from surgery can make everything else seem just a little less important) and haven't found the time until now to dedicate a post solely to my time in Seattle. One of the reasons I didn't want to just forgo this post is because these photos (mostly taken by my lovely photographer boyfriend) are some of my all time favorites. And, as great photos do, I think they pretty much speak for themselves.

My VERY favorite part of going home is spending time with my nephews. The first night Jenner and I got into Seattle, we met up with my brother-in-law Michael, Max (now just barely 7) and Jude (3). We walked to the kid-friendly pub up the street, a place I've had countless dinners and beers surrounded by family and friends over the last ten years. Sitting there, with my four favorite boys in the world, eating salmon tacos and sharing a pitcher of beer, I was in heaven.

The next night, we met up with our Vegas friends and one of our favorite couples, Ben and Joanne, who had moved to Seattle last summer. We caught a band, the Smith Westerns, at The Crocodile (a place that housed so many of my single Seattle girl memories). We danced, we laughed and we enjoyed Vegas in Seattle.

The next day was probably my favorite of the trip. I spent the first part of the afternoon playing tour guide and showing Jenner a couple of spots I thought he would really like. We made our first stop at the famous Fremont Troll, had sustainable sandwiches (only in Seattle) for lunch and then toured the Hale's Ales Brewery.

We then picked up my older nephew Max for a special afternoon just for him. An Auntie date. I told Max this would include three things: chocolate milk, candy and a trip to the top of the Space Needle. Um, needless to say, the boy was sold. At one point, while leaving the candy shop, he exclaimed, "This is the BEST day ever, Auntie!" Other highlights of our time together included Max singing "Auntie, you're a firework!" and asking Jenner if he wanted to marry me. When Jenner told him yes and I asked him if he would want to be in my wedding if I got married someday, he said, "Of course, you're my Auntie! Duh!" I honestly could not love that kid any more than I do. (Oh, and the night before, Jenner was telling a joke about me ending up in jail and Max dramatically threw his arms around me and said, "You would be the one to go to jail, Jenner! My Auntie is harmless!")

That night, we had a pizza/Dance Central party with the rest of the fam, including both of my amazing sisters, Debby and Monica, my brother-in-law and his brother, Brian, his wife, Yen, and five of the cutest kids you can imagine. Nights in my sister's basement playing either Rock Band or now Dance Central are among my favorite nights in the world. Surrounded by family, kids climbing on and off my lap, and laughter late into the night. Life doesn't get much better.

A MUST when I go home is playing online fashion games with my niece Audrey and any other kid in the family who wants to join in (it is not unusual to have all five huddled around my laptop telling me which outfit looks best on which girl). I am so incredibly lucky to have such a strong bond with all the little people in my family. They are, without a doubt, the people who make my heart the most full. This last photo of my nephew Jude and me is, hands down, one of my very favorites. That three year old little boy who likes to dress up as a princess literally attacking me with love? The picture perfectly describes our relationship.

The next day, my sis, her husband, the two boys, Jenner and I headed up to Snoqualmie for a day of sledding (with a couple of hours dedicated to Max's ski lesson). I haven't been sledding since the fifth grade and only Carina knows what a special day that was to me (sledding down a hill with the boy you like makes an eleven year old girl very happy) and this day topped even that one.

This trip home was just what I needed during what ended up being a pretty rough patch. I am so blessed to have a family that I not only think of as some of my favorite people in the world, but also as my chosen best friends. The last few days, I have really, really been missing home and can't wait to make another trip soon. To my family, I love you so much more than I can say. Thank you for making me smile like no one else.


  1. It really sounds and looks like you had an awesome visit home. You can see the love through all the photos. =)

  2. We were in Seattle last summer, and we loved it, especially the little donut shop we went to. I think it was called top pot ? yum!



  3. We're finally getting some sun! Hopefully by the time you make it back there will be even more sun.