I Heart Happiness...
and Jennifer Aniston.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Like Britney before her, Jennifer Aniston is restoring my faith in the universe. (And as much as I love me some Britney, we all know Jen's my girl.) Yes, Justin Theroux is a bit of an odd choice (although I find him somewhat sexy in a smart, refreshing, aging hipster way) and one probably none of us could have predicted. (Um, the guy played two different characters on SATC during seasons one and two and I take personal offense to that, HBO. Didn't you realize we were paying attention?) Sure, the jury is still out on whether or not Jen pulled an Angie and came between this guy and his girlfriend of 14 years, but... I think we can all agree that we haven't seen Ms. Aniston look this happy since, dare I say it..., Brad. And happiness looks really good on her. Oh, and on you, too.

Happy Friday!


  1. Happy is a good look on everyone. And Jen looks goooood.

    Also, TWO characters in satc?! What the hell, HBO.

  2. This picture is adorable and it makes me want to be really happy for her. The thing that saddens me? Unless those are seriously awesome hair extensions, this picture was taken before her hair was cut which was a LONG time ago and therefore definitely before the girlfriend of 14 years had moved out.

    Can't help but like that Jen is happy, though.

  3. this photo is adorable. i love it. she deserves happiness.