The Beginning of the Beginning.
{the dEeDLeS and Vegas}

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Once upon a time, or possibly 3-ish years ago, the dEdDLeS took a trip to Vegas. Who are the dEeDLeS, you ask? Well, for a long time it was just me and my friend Katie. We met when we were 21 and selling clothes at the Bon Marche (you know, before the Bon became Macy's). The stars aligned, yada yada, and she became my partner in crime. There's no one in this world who I know for sure would break me out of jail if I ever needed it, except her. Oh, and the trouble we've caused... I'm not even going there on this one, but that girl is pretty much single handily responsible for the fact that I'll never look back on my younger years and wish I had lived more.

Then we met Todd. He and I bonded over our love of Weeds and, from that first day, we were friends. Fast forward two years, and a love of scary movies, sushi, MGMT and Bud Light Limes had cemented all of our bond. As Katie's 30th birthday was approaching, she and I tried to think of a big way to mark the milestone. After nixing a trip to Miami, we settled on Vegas, a place we were both pretty much over, but decided to give one last shot.

Then, two nights before our departure to what is now my home, a decision was made that changed everything. While I was house sitting on Mercer Island, I invited my two friends over for drinks and an in living room dance party. Katie did her old lady dance, I got down on the ground and did the bicycle and Todd, well, I think he just egged us on. Then I heard those fateful words come out of Katie's mouth... "Todd, do you want to come with us to Vegas?" Now, honestly, and let's just keep it real here, I thought my friend had lost her damn mind. I mean, sure, I loved Todd, but invite him to Vegas? Seemed like a crazy idea and I told her the next morning that she should think of a polite way to revoke the invitation. But no, Katie convinced me it would be fun and since it was her birthday and since Todd can pretty much make me laugh harder than any other person in this world, I relented. And you know what? It was the most. fun. ever.

Our first night, after some pool and dance time, took us on a ghost tour of Vegas. Yep, you read that right. And, yes, that's just an orb on top of my head in the above picture or, as we like to call it, a ghost hat. I can honestly say, Todd (or as we later dubbed him, "TED!") had us rolling all night long and I don't think I have ever laughed harder. At one point, the tour guide pointed to Katie and me and said he'd like to be on whatever we were. Sorry, mister. We were just high on life... and TED giggles.

This trip to Vegas changed my life. In more than one way. Not only did it cement a move to the desert less than a year later with a charming Las Vegan, it also did in two days, what two years hadn't been able to do before. It made us a trio. Somewhere between floating down the lazy river, dragging that damn orange floatie everywhere we went and having the best meal of our lives, we invited Todd to become the third member of the dEeDLeS.

Three years later, we're all coupled off and only two of us now reside in the rain, but - through and through - we are the dEeDLeS. (I would explain just how that name came to be, but the story honestly doesn't translate very well without an accompanying song. So, just ask me some time. You'll get a kick out of it.) I was just telling a friend the other day that my friendship with Todd has made me a firm believer that men and women can be friends. With a shared adoration of Jennifer Aniston, Huey Lewis, Rock Band and fuzzy pumas, Todd just may be my biggest fan and his friendship has made my whole life better. And Katie? As I texted her last night, "You and I could be in a room of people we either don't know or that even don't like us and, together, we would be having the time of our lives."

So, there you have it. The beginning of the beginning... of the dEeDLeS and so much more. Katie and TED, let me know about that reunion. It's about damn time. Love you two.

It Springs Eternal, Still.

Monday, July 11, 2011

we all find ourselves in this place, the place with the sunless skies. but we put one heavy foot in front of the other and we wait for the clouds to break knowing that, by this time tomorrow, things will be better. because things always get better. you just have to hold out.

{thank you for the kind words.}


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

If there were words, I would write them.

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