Love, Loss and Humanity.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

This photo of a father remembering the son he lost on 9/11 took my breath away this morning.

On a different morning, ten years ago, the world - at least as we know it here in this country - was transformed by tragedy. My father had died just three months before the events that took place on September 11th. What I remember, more than anything, was the grief. The grief I carried in my heart was suddenly shared and reflected in every moment, by all of us. We had all lost a father, or a mother, or an innocence.

Like only the most unbearable of events can, this day instantly split everything into before and after.

Whatever this day meant to you ten years ago, and means to you now in the heartbreak of the after, let the outcome be love. An outpouring of love. We are here such a brief moment. Love the people around you. Love your father, your son, your innocence.

Out of our greatest tragedies, I believe our humanity is often born. Love your humanity today.


  1. very good post..inspiring! thanks for sharing!