Let's Just Get It Out There.

Friday, December 9, 2011

This girl - this girl right here - is grumpy.

First of all, what is going on with the Kardashians? Seriously. I was really hoping Kim's over-the-top wedding/divorce might wake us all up to the fact that these people are making (even more) money off of our complacency. Let's stop watching their shows and buying magazines with their faces plastered on the front. I can tell you what's going on without you needing to read one more glossy tabloid or tune into one more riveting episode. Kourtney's pregnant, Khloe can't get pregnant and Kim is worried she'll never find anyone to love her. Done.

Oh, and Barbara Walters putting the Kardashians at the top of her 10 Most Fascinating People list? Well, now seems as good a time as any to tell you I've never like Barbara Walters.

Another source of my grumpy mood? People constantly complaining on Facebook and Twitter. Honestly, it just exhausts me endlessly. I swear, if I read one more FML, I'm tempted to just defriend. C'mon, people, even when we don't, we still have it pretty damn good.

Oh, and today started out rough. Missed breakfast and decided to take myself out to brunch at IHOP. Now, I love a solo meal as much as the next girl and pancakes are kind of my comfort food, but... something about my late morning at IHOP was just depressing. It smelled like Swedish pancakes and shame.

What else? Well, this guy is a homophobic a** and this guy is just plain awesome. However, together, these two make me giggle uncontrollably.

Other things making me giggle and smile? The boyfriend took me on a really fun surprise date last night, this weekend is looking like it's going to be a great one and the two week countdown to flying home for the holidays starts... now!

Even in a bad mood, I'm one happy, excited girl.

Happy Friday, friends!