If I Had the Chance,
I'd Ask the World to Dance.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Do you guys have a Kinect? Neither do I, but - let me tell you - I sure do need one. Every time I go home to Seattle and stay with my sister, we not only bust the Dance Central disk out, but our best moves, too. In fact, I wouldn't have thought it was possible, but Dance Central has replaced even playing our beloved Rock Band. (A game we played so often that I started telling people I couldn't do things because I had "band practice" - a phrase I will never, unless you count the years I played the alto sax in junior high and high school, get to use seriously.)

If you haven't played, you should. Consider it a gift to your mental health. I know I plan on getting a Kinect and both versions of Dance Central as soon as possible.

Joy (and unabashed pregnant dancing) documented below.


  1. hahhaa. I love watching people dance with the kinect. to just too much fun!