A love letter to my blog. {Part 2}

Friday, March 30, 2012

Once upon what feels like a very long time ago now, back in 2008, I wrote a love letter to my blog. I wrote it only six days after starting just a small town girl, but I knew in only six days the same thing I knew in only six days of knowing Jenner, that I was led to this. And in the three + years I've been blogging, I have become incredibly grateful to have been able to chronicle so many beautiful moments (and even a few less than beautiful ones) to relive whenever I feel like reminiscing.

And right now, as my life is going through such a dramatic transformation, I am happy to look back at what has led me to this place and excited to share all that is to come.

Dear just a small town girl,

Thank you for finding me on that cold December night while I was snowed in and stir crazy. Since that fateful night, you have been here to chronicle what I like to call my ups and downs and all arounds. From historical moments to falling in love, from (finally) finishing graduate school to leaving the rain and moving to Vegas, you have been with me every step of the way. Spilling the (sometimes gory) lessons of my dating history? You were here. Embarrassing myself by going through my many fashion faux pas of yesteryear? Again, you were here. Just recently, you were here to share what may be the biggest news I'll ever have, the upcoming birth of my daughter. And, somewhere along the way, I wrote some things here that made me proud (like this, and this, and especially this). So, maybe more than anything else, thank you for those opportunities. You allowed me to get pissed off about politics and Chris Brown, while still letting me pour out my heart about my father. In other words, you have helped me become more of myself.

Thank you for that, sweet blog. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You have given me a place to reflect and hide into myself and I'll always love you for that. Oh, and maybe I should thank you for waiting to let me find you until I was 30. (Can you imagine the stories I would have blogged about in my twenties? Goodness.) This blog will certainly change as I change in the next year, but it will remain a big part of who I am and who I am becoming and that makes me really happy.

Xoxo, Kathleen

What A Difference A Year Makes.
{My Annual Birthday Post.}

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

This last Friday - the 16th - was my birthday and I couldn't help but notice how different things were from this time last year. I am usually all about the annual birthday post on this here blog and reflecting on the subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) changes I've made, but this year is unlike any other. This year the changes are pretty damn obvious. Am I right? However, it's not all about the baby and my growing-by-the-minute bump I'm carrying around. There were many other things to celebrate this year, as well.

From conquering some of my demons to bringing home my first puppy (you can call him a dog, but we all know Sam is my son, bottom line), from limping around Las Vegas for months to literally getting back up on my feet again (although this pregnancy is doing a number on my ankle, but at least I have hope to be back up and skipping with joy again soon), from starting a career I've always known I was meant for to remodeling our 70's green shag-ified condo, from falling back in love with my life to embracing the most transformative change I will ever experience, motherhood... This last year had to be the biggest of my life so far.

Here's to knowing that where I am - this year and this moment - is just exactly where I should be. It's scary and it's absolutely perfect.

Baby Bumps, Baby Showers
and Much Needed Trips Home.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Warning: I am writing this blog post while drunk. No, not on alcohol, silly. Today I'm drunk on happiness. I'm 28 weeks pregnant with an adorable little girl (yes, I can tell from the ultrasound photos that she's adorable - don't even get me started on how she sticks her little tongue out), I'm headed home to Seattle today after work for a few days with loved ones and am having my first of two baby showers this Sunday.

Since we're on the topic of baby showers I should tell you that, as a rule, I'm not the biggest fan. When starting to plan this event, I had a few rules. 1) I want it to be more of a party than a shower. 2) Men are to be included. 3) No cheesy baby shower games allowed. 4) Great music is essential. 5) Oh, and people need to drink mimosas with little floating baby toys in them. Yep, that's the shower in a nutshell. Throw in a photo booth my best friend is throwing together and it should be one fun afternoon.

I'll be back next week to share plenty of silly photos. I hope you have the happiest of weekends.

Hello, March.
{I love you.}

Thursday, March 1, 2012

March! Hello, old friend. I am excited you're here for so many reasons. First of all, my birthday falls during your month and that's always fun. I have a feeling the big day may be a little different this year than in previous ones, but I'm sure it will be lovely even without the celebratory cocktails of previous years. I'm also feeling giddy that I'm flying home to Seattle for time with family and friends (not to mention a baby shower) in exactly one week. This trip will be followed by a visit from my sister, Monica, and a stay at one of my favorite places, Rumor Hotel. The following week, my other sister, Debby, will be here for five days. Hooray!

The sunshine is out, there are so many things to look forward to and it's March. This lady couldn't ask for more. Hope you're feeling the happiness today, too.