What A Difference A Year Makes.
{My Annual Birthday Post.}

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

This last Friday - the 16th - was my birthday and I couldn't help but notice how different things were from this time last year. I am usually all about the annual birthday post on this here blog and reflecting on the subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) changes I've made, but this year is unlike any other. This year the changes are pretty damn obvious. Am I right? However, it's not all about the baby and my growing-by-the-minute bump I'm carrying around. There were many other things to celebrate this year, as well.

From conquering some of my demons to bringing home my first puppy (you can call him a dog, but we all know Sam is my son, bottom line), from limping around Las Vegas for months to literally getting back up on my feet again (although this pregnancy is doing a number on my ankle, but at least I have hope to be back up and skipping with joy again soon), from starting a career I've always known I was meant for to remodeling our 70's green shag-ified condo, from falling back in love with my life to embracing the most transformative change I will ever experience, motherhood... This last year had to be the biggest of my life so far.

Here's to knowing that where I am - this year and this moment - is just exactly where I should be. It's scary and it's absolutely perfect.


  1. Happy Birthday and congrats on being exactly where you want to be ;) You look adorable!

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