This is life, in the desert.

Friday, April 20, 2012

My job has afforded me many opportunities to hop in the car and drive out of Vegas for a few hours. And I have found that this Pacific Northwest girl - who loves nothing more than the beach - actually finds the desert stunning. See for yourself. {Oh, and you can find me on Instagram (which helped me with all of these photos, although several are unfiltered) as kathleenparkerb.}

So, come for a visit and let's go for a drive.


  1. I remember not too long ago I was in Vegas and there was a thunderstorm! Even though I was scurred it was beautiful! =D

  2. 1. Go hiking in Red Rocks. Climb to the top of Calico I and look down over the top and down into the Las Vegas Valley.

    2. Drive 13 miles past Hoover Dam on 93 into Arizona and turn right down into Willow Beach Marina and rent a little 16 foot motorboat and drive up the Colorado River to see the Hoover Dam from below.

    3. Jump off your boat and swim in the Colorado River, but only in summertime because it's freezing the rest of the year.

    4. Get your house dance on at Dre's After Hours on Sunday night from 1:30am till 9 in the morning.

    5. Drive through Valley of Fire State Park 45 minutes north of Vegas on the 15.

    6. Snowboard at Mt. Charleston 30 minute north of Vegas on the 95.

    7. Eat All You Can Eat sushi fresher than any you will find in LA at Sushi Mon on West Charleston.

    8. Do a loop through Death Valley National Park. Hike across sand dunes and stand 200 feet below sea level at Badwater.

    9. Do not miss Rhyolite. The coolest true ghost town you will ever see. There are no amenities, tourists, nothing. Just you, the buildings, the ghosts, and some of the trippiest art sculptures left by an artist in the 70s, including a 30 foot tall mermaid that looks like she's made out of giant Leggo pieces.

    10. Visit Corn Creek, in the Desert National Wildlife Refuge, a true oasis one mile off 95, 10 minutes north of Vegas. Green, lush, and full of wildlife, including a resident coyote.

    I lived in Vegas 2007-2009. I miss it.