Scenes from a (Vegas) baby shower.
{Part Two.}

Friday, May 4, 2012

A few Sundays ago, I had my second baby shower here in Las Vegas. My dear friend Lindsey generously hosted the soiree in her lovely home and my friends at work took on the task of first convincing me to allow baby shower games (something I had vehemently sworn off to anyone who would listen) and then pulling them all together. (With gift bags for the winners, no less.) This time around, I got to have more of a hand in decorating and even though I'm having a little girl, Lindsey was sweet enough to just grin and bear it when I naysayed the color pink over and over again. I was also lucky to have my family in town the week of the shower and was able to introduce them to my friends, coworkers and even the members of my Vegas family they hadn't previously met. (Introducing my mom to both Jenner's mom, Diana, and my little boy pup, Sammy, were highlights of the week.)

A big thank you to everyone who joined us on that beautiful Sunday - including Autumn Vegas and our good friend Ana who brought food and the most adorable cupcakes! - and made me feel so, ahem, showered with love and sunshine. And to Lindsey, I can't thank you enough for always coming through for me and making me feel so much love in Las Vegas.