The first few weeks.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

So, here we are already. One month in. Without a doubt, it's been both the longest and shortest month of my life. And, man, let me tell you, it is crazy... During every other life changing (that phrase doesn't even begin to cut it) transition a person goes through, it's difficult to realize - in the moment - that it's happening. Only later, upon reflection, do we recognize the ways in which we were becoming new versions of ourselves. However, during this first month of motherhood, with every passing moment, I've felt myself become someone I wasn't thirty days ago. It's like nothing I've ever experienced.

In most every way, it's harder than they tell you it will be. So much harder. But it's so much better... It's inconceivably beautiful and exhausting and all consuming. On a difficult day, it will bring you to your knees, and on a good day, it will take your breath away and fill you with a love you have never known. And there are so many, many good days.

So much more to come...


  1. precious. i love this post and everything you wrote. c: