What Feeds Us.

Monday, January 14, 2013

In my last post - written on Halloween of 2012 - I promised that more posts were on their way. Yeah... whoops. It turns out, 2012 was a year I had to dig deep, look at some hard truths in my life and reprioritize what matters to me most. My time, my energy and my heart were in high demand - between new mamahood and a promotion at work that often required long hours of paperwork at home - some things had to give. Unfortunately, this blog was often one of them.
However, as new years tend to offer, I have recently gained some new perspective. Writing this blog is one of the few things I do just for me. The simple act of typing these words right now - whether I ever hit publish or not - feeds me in ways I know you understand if you're reading this. So, here I am. With a sleeping baby and piles of paperwork that need to be tended to, busy and tired and in desperate need of a shower, here I am, feeding a hunger that urgently whispers, "Write."

So, over the next few weeks, I'm going to catch up on some posts that have been gathering dust in my drafts folders. My belated 2012 recap, photos from Violet's first Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas, trips to Seattle and even my long overdue Dear Violet posts (sure, she's now almost eight months old and I haven't yet posted her three month letter, but - hey - we'll figure it out).

Whatever it is that feeds you, and whatever it is that stands in your way of finding the time for it, I hope you carve out the space for it. After all, it's a new year.



  1. Welcome back! I just recently started writing more too. Look forward to reading your posts.